Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes (Apr 14, 2023)

We're excited to announce several updates to Denvr AI Cloud!  Here's what's new:
  1. Scratch storage: HGX nodes have upgraded scratch providing 12 GB/s single-stream read/write (a 400% improvement).  We now pre-configure memory cache that achieves a total throughput of 20-30GB/s under common workloads, helping to achieve 100% GPU utilization.
  2. Applications: PyTorch 2.0 was released by NVIDIA in their NGC container catalog and is now a supported in Denvr AI Cloud
  3. User interface: ongoing enhancements to simplify provisioning.  A new multi-node Ubuntu 22 package is available for multi-node users that deploys full InfiniBand clusters (controller and worker nodes using OpenMPI) in less than 45 seconds.

Release Notes (Jan 16, 2023)

We're excited to announce several updates to Denvr AI Cloud!  Here's what's new:
  1. MSC1: the Calgary Modular SuperCluster is launched and includes NVIDIA A100 GPUs in both on-demand and reserved node configurations.
  2. User management: tenant admins can now create users, lock and unlock, and reset passwords without requiring support assistance.
  3. Cost and usage:  the cloud console now displays full visibility of tenant costs by application, user, and resource type.
  4. Matlab:  this new application can be enabled for Tenants that require it.  Licenses are self-supplied by logging into the application with your Matlab userid.
  5. Tenant limits: to ensure availability for all Denvr Cloud users, we have implemented a cap of 10 on-demand GPUs per Tenant.  You can request changes to the limit by contacting support or your account manager.

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